A Beginner’s Guide to Salt E-Liquids

A Beginner’s Guide to Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine salts or Salt E-liquids. It’s the new thing on the square and smokers and vapers are rushing to it to stop cigarettes for good.

In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it yet, nicotine salt essentially permits you to vape at higher nicotine levels without getting the harsh throat hit you’re regularly used to. This additionally implies you get all the more value for your money! You wind up vaping less since you get significantly more nicotine. Thus, in the event that you love that woozy feeling, yet scorn having to vape every minute of every day, nic salts might be directly for you.

What are nicotine salts e-liquids?

Nicotine Salts, or salt nicotine e-liquids, is made when nicotine base is joined with a corrosive or various acids. This cycle makes a salt nicotine arrangement and lessens the throat hit on higher quality nicotine vape juice.

Confused as to how you would be able to vape on salts? Try not to let the name befuddle you. The expression “Nicotine salt” otherwise called nic salt just alludes to the logical definition. It doesn’t mean it’s imbued with the scrumptious mineral you sprinkle on your deli. In compound terms, salt outcomes when a corrosive responds with a base. Basically, nicotine salts are made by blending unadulterated nicotine (base) with particular sorts of acids. I realize what you’re thinking directly about now, Acids? That sounds more regrettable? In reality, nicotine salts exist in tobacco, organically. So if you have ever smoked a cigarette you have encountered nicotine salt.

In nicotine salts, a concoction (generally benzoic acid) neutralizes the nicotine (base) molecules and makes a more steady compound that results in a nicotine that is smoother to devour. JUUL Labs, which was the first to develop nicotine salt as a retail item, says that its definition is like nicotine in leaf tobacco before it’s stripped out during the extraction cycle.

What makes nicotine salts better than nicotine?

Changing from a standard freebase nicotine blend, you’ll notice the distinction right away. Nicotine salts aren’t brutal on the throat like freebase nicotine.

Another contrast between the two nicotine varieties is that salt nicotine seems to disintegrate well at lower temperatures. That makes it ideal for small vape devices like pod vapes that have less force.

Numerous clients report that nicotine salts give a sensation like smoking, more than customary e-liquid. That’s not enchantment! It’s because many of the products contain up to 60 mg/mL of nicotine. More nicotine-per-puff adds a more satisfying experience for smokers and ex-smokers.

In 2014, preceding JUUL had hit the market with the principal salt nicotine retail item, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos studied the adequacy of nicotine conveyance in various fume products and established that “nicotine levels in EC [e-cigarette] liquids ought to be near 50 mg/mL for it to inexact nicotine conveyance from smoking.” But because of the cruelty of standard nicotine, it would’ve been hard to make an item that was charming to use at those levels; nicotine salts made it conceivable. Dr. Farsalinos also noticed that a high nicotine fixation would likewise lessen the number of fluid vapers devoured, which would diminish any obscure dangers from vaping.

Counting Pros & Cons


Satisfaction: Many vapers who attempt traditional nicotine eliquids for the first time, find that they don’t get a similar fulfillment or “punch” from their nicotine compared to a cigarette. Likewise, it may not be sufficient to fulfill their longings.

Smoother nicotine hit: A colossal mood killer for some “would-be” vapers is that regular e-juice are excessively brutal, and nicotine is at fault. Cigarette organizations use sedatives like menthol or eugenol to conceal and veil the harshness. Vape juices don’t, so the smoother sentiment of nicotine salt fluids leaves an enormous effect.

Less flavor sway: Those of us who kicked the addiction to the curb and incline toward nicotine-free e-fluids may see a stamped distinction in flavor, regardless of smoking a similar item. This is on the grounds that freebase nicotine influences the fluid’s general flavor. Nic salt juice has close with no impact around there, prompting a more extravagant, delightful, and more pleasant vaping experience.

Less expensive: Let’s face it—an effective sub-ohm tank or box mod is fundamentally more costly than a small vape pen, just as the numerous superior e-fluids that go into the vape pen. In the event that all you need is an economical and tactful vaping experience that causes you to get the perfect measure of nicotine, then salts are for you.


A lot for a few: While heavy smokers need a substantial portion of nicotine, lighter smokers can manage in the 3-12mg nicotine extend. This likewise happens to be a definitive sweet spot for sub-ohm gadgets. Therefore, individuals can utilize smooth, high-VG e-juices in their sub-ohm tank and feel totally content with the experience they get.

Fewer alternatives: Nicotine salts are restricting in light of the fact that you’ll by and large need to adhere to vape pens and units like JUUL Replacement Pods. The more conventional mods and sub-ohm tanks take into consideration almost perpetual tank/mod mixes—each pair considering their own one of a kind cloud creation and flavor encounters. Also the curl blends and styles of the further developed rebuildable atomizers – you get the thought.

Lower fun factor: An incredible method to depict freebase juices contrasted with nicotine salts is “design over capacity” (once more, think iPhone versus smartphone). Nicotine salts are the ideal decision in the event that you need a solid portion of nicotine and incline toward a more cigarette-like understanding.

Is Nicotine Salt More Addictive?

Since the qualities are commonly a lot higher in nicotine salt, this is a genuine question. One of the reasons tobacco smoke is addictive is the speed with which it conveys nicotine to the mind. There are inquiries concerning whether nicotine salts convey the medication more quickly than freebase nicotine — yet the issue hasn’t been concentrated on much at this point.

Nicotine expert Jacques Le Houezec, a neuroscientist and pharmacologist, thinks the main contrast between the freebase nicotine and nicotine salt is that the vaper can consume more nicotine in each puff due to the diminished harshness. Due to having the option to devour more nicotine probably will expand its potential for dependence, however, it’s because of the sum expended, not because it’s particularly nicotine salt.

Is switching to nicotine salts safe?

The main residual inquiry is whether nicotine salt e-fluid merits switching for you. This is actually a choice no one but you can make, but, you can work out whether it’s advantageous for you. The fundamental motivations to attempt nicotine salt e-juice are:

  • If common e-juice simply isn’t fulfilling for you. The higher quality from nicotine salt e-juice could truly help.
  • If you need to utilize a prudent and versatile gadget yet at the same time need considerable measures of nicotine.
  • If customary e-juice is excessively harsh for you to vape. Indeed, even lower-quality salt e-liquid will be smoother to vape than the proportional in freebase nicotine e-fluid.
  • If you aren’t keen on enormous vape clouds. Cloud-pursuing and nicotine salt e-fluids don’t blend too well on account of the gadgets you’ll have to utilize.
  • If you don’t mind a decrease in flavor alternatives. Most e-liquids are freebase nicotine, so you won’t have as much decision with nicotine salts.

Truly, nicotine salts are certifiably not a monstrous game-evolving development, yet for some vapers and a few kinds of gadgets, they do offer advantages. If these advantages coordinate well with what you’re searching for from your vaping experience, they’re unquestionably worth testing. In any case, on the off chance that you have a normal vape mod and get enough nicotine from your gadget, there is little inspiration to change to a salt-accommodating arrangement.

In Conclusion

Nicotine Salts are one of the best kinds of nicotine to help cigarette smokers in dumping the addiction. Because of the higher nicotine content, Nicotine Salts all the more intently look like the impacts of smoking a cigarette and consequently help control the hankering.

Another purpose behind utilizing Nicotine Salts would be the way that they’re intended for use in lower wattage gadgets. In this way, if you need a very convenient gadget for when you’re in commute, or you would prefer not to be blowing enormous mists openly, Nicotine Salts will assist with fulfilling your cravings for cigarettes.

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