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inthenowmag.com is a health and lifestyle magazine covering beauty and fashion, fitness, health and wellbeing as well as popular pop culture and trending topics such as hemp and CBD. inthenowmag.com was founded by a group of very diverse and awesome individuals with stellar experience in different industries with a united passion to help people to improve the quality of their lives. Here, you will find the latest stories, hot and trending topics, guides and reviews as well as a bunch of cool freebies such as fitness and workout videos to get you that perfect summer body that you can keep all year round, exciting recipes and cookbooks to spice up your taste palette not to mention free meditation audio lectures to help you to unwind and chillout from the stress and demands of everyday life. We believe that the road to personal success is not overnight and in the long run, small baby steps will help you to achieve your personal goals. We are especially renowned for our independent and objective product reviews as well as expert guides created by individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. We hope you will find our magazine useful!